Mentoring Programs

We will work with you to learn why you are here — using a relationship based formula that will give you clarity so that you can strengthen your focus and achieve your goals. Our team of experts will equip you with a plan and a network of tools and resource support for your financial, spiritual, social, and physical health destination.


Spiritual Development

We offer a tailored curriculum that allows future generations to find Truth and identity using Kingdom lifestyle principles birthed and designed by the word of God.  Equipping the next generation with purpose and healthier methods for coping and thinking produces endurance, courage, leadership, and adoration for self for successful outcomes.



The path for you requires establishing a solid foundation, assembling a community, and developing patterns that execute healthy results. Healthy results happen when it comes to being intentional and accountable, and that is how we work with people to set a clearer path forward for abundant social, financial, psychological, and physical health.


Teacher Network

We offer teachers that focus on the Creative Arts a unique opportunity to equip the next generation in an atmosphere that caters to each student’s gifting.  The Space at 221 is always looking for qualified professionals with a proven track record and passion for students to engage and expand our current class offerings. Learn more, apply here.

Teacher Network

Kingdom Apprenticeship Program

The KAP curriculum for k-12th grade students and is the first of its kind in our country.  Students graduate with a solid foundation of truth in the Word of God and learn to apply Kingdom principles for an abundant life. The art of business development, project management, and life skills transform goals into realities.

KAP Program


In these difficult times of a pandemic, it is challenging to find a safe space that allows for small gatherings.  Daily, we offer prayer time and quiet time for free coffee, from 8 A.M. until 10 A.M. We welcome small groups and organizations that want to meet up and stay connected.  If you want to gather after 10 A.M., please book the space online.